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30 and 90 days - Pray for America - Cancel the Retaliation.

I woke up in the middle night, startled  by a dream I had. In my dream I saw the US bombing a certain place I wasn't sure where. It kind of looked like I'd gone back in time and seeing the bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  Concern flooded me: who were the people being bombed and why was this happening to them? There concern was the spirit of retaliation that filled the atmosphere from where I was watching all this. So I quickly landed and ran, knowing exactly what I had to do.  I ran for miles to the people I knew I needed to verify this mews with. I ran to the place that stood on standby for The US safety. It was a portal like arch that lead into the city. I had to speak to the elder, the Guardian at the gate. It was to him that all matters of securityhad to be reported. I narrated what I had seen and excitedly expressed, "they were right, they must have seen this. It wasn't jibber-jabber, they just didn't know to interpret it." I said this pointing to two p

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